During these tumultuous times of rising costs, supply chain issues, extended lead times and inflation, more and more businesses are turning to outsourced procurement strategies to help alleviate some of the problems they are facing.

Procurement outsourcing strategies involve transferring some or all purchasing and supply chain functions to third-party sourcing and procurement specialists.

These sourcing and procurement specialists (SPS) will often have a more extensive supplier network than individual businesses and be able to flex more substantial purchasing power because they are sourcing products for potentially multiple companies from one supplier.

The additional purchasing power and reach offered by a sourcing specialist such as SmartSource can result in cost reductions, faster delivery times, and more reliable, ongoing supply.

As well as these critical benefits, an SPS can offer additional advantages such as expertise and industry procurement experience, stock holding facilities, “just in time” or Kanban ordering systems and lower transport costs.

Businesses don’t have to have an SPS take control of all their purchasing needs. Often the SPS will specialise in a key product area such as office and paper supplies, labelling or facilities management. This type of outsourcing frees up time for purchasing managers, CPOs and procurement teams to be able to focus on larger procurement projects.

SmartSource – your outsourced procurement specialists

At SmartSource, we believe that a successful outsourcing procurement strategy demands a complete understanding of your business’ overall requirements, your business values and long-term goals.

We aim to deliver to you the resources, expertise and time needed to meet your procurement targets while being aware of and adjusting to, market forces and external events that may occur.

Our procurement service specialises in commodity products such as print, office supplies and self-adhesive labels that help businesses of all sizes free up time, drive down costs and improve lead times.

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